Lucky Ten

Winners will be drawn the last Thursday of each month (January through October).
No event to attend, just get your ticket for a chance to win cash!
Winners will be posted on social media, the Stein Hospice website, and mailed a check.


January Winners:
1st Prize: Parker Burroughs
2nd Prize: Phyllis Bransky (Donated Back)
3rd Prize: Jacob Bowers

February Winners:
1st Prize: Robin Brady
2nd Prize: Dennis Baker
3rd Prize: Cindy Glovinsky

March Winners:
1st Prize: Rosalie Distel
2nd Prize: Austin Meyer
3rd Prize: Elizabeth Frank (Donated Back)

April Winners:
1st Prize: Gerald Manning
2nd Prize: Cindy Glovinsky
3rd Prize: Jeannie Brickner

May Winners: 
1st Prize: Debbie Lauer
2nd Prize: Beth Frank (Donated Back)
3rd Prize: Jean & Doug Haren

June Winners:
1st Prize: Brad Haren
2nd Prize: Frieda Cooley
3rd Prize: Fr. Joe Szybka

July Winners: 
1st Prize: Adam Meyer
2nd Prize: Aiden Holmer
3rd Prize: Kari Boyd

August Winners: 
1st Prize: Marie Schalk
2nd Prize: Allison Burroughs (Donated Back)
3rd Prize: Elizabeth Frank (Donated Back)

September Winners: 
1st Prize: Larry & Margaret Phelps
2nd Prize: Aimee Mongeau
3rd Prize: Cindy Glovinsky

October Winners:
Will be drawn on Thursday, October 29, 2020

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