Stein “Spa” Experience: A Vacation for your Mind


“Recharge Yourself”
Stein Hospice is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Virtual “Spa” Experience: A Vacation for your Mind! Seven separate sessions are offered from our Comfort Services, Bereavement and Spiritual Care teams. These sessions focus on relaxing the mind, body and soul. See more about each session below:

  1. Guided Imagery
    with Gretchen Franklin
    7:21 min. 
    This virtual guided imagery session will lead you on a guided tour using your mind to take yourself to the beach. While there, one will visualize easy ways to incorporate more self care into your daily schedule.
  2. “Good Mourning”
    with Steve Boros
    10:09 min. 
    Learn the difference between grief and mourning and tips to help you mourn.
  3. Aromatherapy Basics
    with Mindy Johns
    16:52 min. 
    Using essential oils in every day use. Do you have seasonal allergies, problems relaxing or sleeping, or emotions running high? Watch this aromatherapy basics virtual session to learn what oils help with different ailments.
  4. Personal Coping Tree
    with Christa Bronner
    10:25 min.
    Join me as we create a personal “Coping Tree” using symbolic representations of your “anchor, protection, support, balance, energy and rewards.”
  5. Pamper Your Hands
    with Gretchen Franklin
    9:27 min. 
    Learn to use basic reflexology and other hand care on yourself.
  6. Sound Bowls
    with Tina Knittel
    7:52 min. 
    While listening to the sound of the bowls, the crystal tones blend together and people report they they achieve deep relaxation.
  7. Finding Tranquility
    with Mel Sayler
    8:39 min. 
    Join Mel Sayler on a walk in nature to learn and observe places to help you find personal tranquility.
  • Check 1 or more boxes for your session selections. The video links and additional handouts will be emailed to you after you register.