Virtual Reality


Stein Hospice hopes to introduce Virtual Reality to our patients and their loved ones. Virtual Reality will allow us to provide the opportunity to enhance the quality of life during the patient’s final journey. Patients will be able to “virtually” relive a memory, return to a place of emotional significance or have an experience that they are not able to physically manage.
For example, our veteran patients who are not physically capable of traveling to Washington D.C. for an Honor Flight will still have the opportunity to experience all it has to offer through Virtual Reality from the comfort of their own home.
Other examples could include:
1. A bucket-list wish to see the Grand Canyon
2. A child who would like to visit Disneyland
3. Enjoy the thrill of flying a plane again
4. Seek a new adventure such as a ride on a roller coaster, bungee jumping or a trip to the mountains
5. Remember a nostalgic family vacation or take a trip to their childhood home
6. Visit Lake Erie/Kelleys Island

Aside from offering unique experiences, Virtual Reality can help in a variety of other ways, such as pain management and relaxation therapy.

To help make this project come to life, we are part of the National GIVE65 campaign sponsored by HomeInstead. Please visit our page through GIVE65 to make a contribution to this project – CLICK HERE

For the best quality and service, we have paired with Immersive Cure, Akron, OH. Please feel free to learn more about them by CLICKING HERE.