“During our initial meeting with your staff at the Providence Great Lakes nursing facility it was very difficult for us to comprehend all the services that Stein Hospice indicated they would be providing.

Your staff made the last few days of Alice and our family very comforting.  Your staff seemed to make themselves part of our family during this difficult time.  Above and beyond does not describe how your staff treated Alice and our family, for the credit they deserve – they were simply AWESOME.”

Alice Riley Family

“My friend died so peacefully, with the privacy, dignity and respect he was due. Your staff from the very experienced nurses to the newest demonstrated their devotion to their job. We especially appreciated the presentation of the Veteran’s certificate and coverlet. It is reassuring to know that Dale’s service to our country was not forgotten.”

Thomas Patterson

“Stein ranks 10 out of 10 in any category you want to come up with. Whether you are interacting with a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, an aide, a custodian, or a volunteer, you and your loved one are treated with kindness, empathy and respect.”

Jim Wiles Family

“I really don’t know where to start. It would take me days to express the words that describe the care Stein Hospice and their employees have for the people they take care of. You all are “awesome.”

Caring – Loving – Family Oriented – Wonderful – Kind – Gentle-Gifted and this is just the start of a much bigger list. I cannot thank you enough for giving our family peace of mind knowing you were taking care of our dad.”

Floyd Miller Family

“Your staff exemplified the most highest of desirable traits and characteristics that any family could desire. You made us more comfortable with the fact that dad’s time had come and helped, with just little words, for us to accept it and deal with the inevitable.”

Faber McKenna Family

I knew right away what charity I wanted to raise money for during homecoming week. You see last year my Grandma had spent some time there before she passed away and my family and I both agree that the work done at Stein Hospice is amazing. How the staff took care of my Grandma as well as comforting my family is something none of us will forget. Thank you for all that you do in your services towards those who are sick. Your work that you do really does make all the difference.”

Colleen Corrigan, St. Paul High School Senior

We want to express our sincere appreciation for you being there for our dad, Delmore Hensley of Lorain, in his final days of his life. You all were like “Guardian Angels” that helped the nurses and staff. We praise Stein Hospice and the Veterans Home from our hearts. Also, many thanks for the Navy Military Certificate. God Bless. It will be hung on the wall with pride.”

The Hensley Family