There is no greater gift you can give to others than the gift of compassion. Stein Hospice volunteers are a group of caring and committed people. They demonstrate their compassion with every patient or family they assist. Whether working directly with families or as support in the office, volunteers are a crucial part of the quality of care we provide.

For more information contact our volunteer department, 800-625-5269, volunteers@steinhospice.org.

“I knew right away what charity I wanted to raise money for during homecoming week. You see last year my Grandma had spent some time there before she passed away and my family and I both agree that the work done at Stein Hospice is amazing. How the staff took care of my Grandma as well as comforting my family is something none of us will forget. Thank you for all that you do in your services towards those who are sick. Your work that you do really does make all the difference.” – Colleen Corrigan

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