Stein Hospice Care Center

Due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), the following steps will be implemented at the Stein Hospice Care Center:

Updated visitation guidelines as of 4/26/2021:

Stein Hospice Care Center Visitation Guidelines

  • Visiting hours are 7:30am-8pm.
  • No more than 2 adult visitors at a time on-site with the patient. It is permitted to switch out visitors throughout the duration of the visiting hours up to 6 adult visitors total in 1 day.  If a larger group visit is needed with the patient, a reservation can be made at the nurse’s station.  The family room can be reserved for up to 7 people including the patient, or the library can be reserved for up to 4 people including the patient. 1 reservation per patient per day for a maximum of 1 ½ hours is allowed in these rooms, to allow equal opportunity for all patients and their families.  Visitors for the room reservation may be different from the 6 for the day.  All visitors must use hand sanitizer before and after entering these rooms.  Patients who are in isolation will not be eligible for visits in these rooms.  Masks must be worn and visitors seated in designated spaces.  All visitors must pass screening for entry.
  • 1 adult visitor permitted to stay the night, must remain on-site and must be at the Care Center by 8pm, no more visitors until 7:30am the next day and must be gone by 7:30am unless they want to be counted as 1 of the 6 adult visitors for the day.
  • No visitors under 18. An exception may be made for children and grand-children of the patient only.  They are permitted in the 1 ½ hour room reservations made for larger family group visits, or the patient’s room for 2 hours per day if patient is not movable with assistance and not able to do visits in the reservation rooms. They are not counted as part of the 6 adult visitors of the day.  They must pass screening for entry and wear a mask.
  • No pets
  • Screenings on all visitors (failed screenings will not be permitted in)
  • All visitors must wear a mask at all times, if you are in need of one, we will provide it to you
  • We provide several services to communicate with your loved ones while at the Care Center, please let us know if you are interested in utilizing them:
    • Facetime
    • Phone calls
    • Video messages
    • Written letters

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to protect a vulnerable and high risk population of patients, all families and our staff.

The Stein Hospice Care Center becomes home for our patients and their families, and we do everything we can to make their time with us special. Located at Firelands Regional Medical Center South Campus in Sandusky, the Care Center offers all the comforts of a home plus medical care around the clock. Patients come to the Care Center, located on the third floor, for pain and symptom management. Click here for directions.

We offer 18 patient rooms, each with a private bath, sitting area, sleeper sofa and a television equipped with a compact disc player. Our philosophy is to make the Care Center as homelike as possible, which means you often hear music coming from a room and children playing, see pets lying by a bed and families sharing a meal.  All of our staff, from physicians, nurses and nursing assistants to our chaplains, counselors, social workers and volunteers, brings warmth and professionalism as they carry out our mission – to provide comfort, compassion and support during life’s final journey.


The Care Center includes:

  • Family room, where families gather to relax, read or watch television. Children enjoy playing with Wii computer game and other toys;
  • Dining area, where meals are available for family and friends. Hot drinks, daily newspapers and vending machine always available;
  • Spa, where patients enjoy a warm whirlpool bath. Other spa services, such as pedicures. manicures and facials, are done in patient rooms;
  • Therapy Room, where our comfort care team helps patients and families relax through gentle body massage, the healing touch of Reiki and guided imagery.  Soft music, soothing aromas and dim lights add to the experience;
  • Emily’s Library, a quiet room for reading and meditation with limited access to the Internet;
  • Sitting Areas, where families gather or meet with our bereavement staff, chaplains and social workers.
”I wanted to extend my utmost gratitude for the care that you gave to my grandma in her short stay at your facility. She couldn’t stop raving about the whirlpool and how “delicious” it was. Even though we only got to know the staff for a short time, my family and I will never forget the impact that you had. ” – Jen Vance