Veterans Services

Stein Hospice’s Veterans services is a comprehensive program for Veteran patients. We train and educate staff and volunteers on the unique end-of-life issues Veterans may have, and we honor Veterans in a variety of ways for their service.

Out interdisciplinary team, in cooperation with Veteran families, helps Veterans achieve peace during their final journey. To achieve this, we provide services that focus on comfort and symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their family. These services are available to all Veterans and families in our service area.

Stein Hospice:

  • Offers grief, loss and trauma interventions for experiences throughout life, including military service. Specialization in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and PTSD-like symptoms;
  • Provides volunteers who are Veterans. Members of our Veterans 4 Veterans team spend time listening, reading and reminiscing with patients about their military experience and other events during their lifetime;
  • Conducts a military escort ceremony for Veterans who die at Stein Hospice Care Center;
  • Offers massage, Reiki, guided imagery and other comfort care techniques, and when death is imminent a continuous care staff member stays by the bedside to manage the patient’s pain and support the family;
  • Provides a pin, certificate of appreciation and blanket representing branch of military and other special recognitions to honor the Veteran’s military service;
  • Guides the Veteran through a military Life Review process that offers hope and healing and leaves the family with a lasting video;
  • Holds an annual memorial service to honor and recognize the deaths of Veteran’s comrades;
  • Participates in state and national initiatives and training focused on quality end-of-life care for Veterans;